martedì 13 novembre 2012

Hello (what a brilliant start)

I finally took the decision to open a sort of personal blog. I already have a blog (which it is about music) but I thought it would be nice to have proper space in the blogosphere. Anyway, I'm Elle a 22 year old girl obessed with: music, movies and other stuff that you'll see on this blog. I'm also deeply in love with the british culture indeed one of my greatest aim is to move to London, not because is "cool" to move there, but mainly because is a great city. I went there once (only for three days), it was 6 years ago and I missed that city since then. Hopefully I'd be able to move there this new year (so, keep the fingers crossed). Complains a part I have no other things to say... at the moment so, stay tuned my unicorns (forgot to say I'm also in love with unicorns, weird and colourful things) 


5 commenti:

  1. You're my soul mate, or a twin sister split at birth! I love london too, and i wish that one day I'll move to that beautiful city. I love unicorn, but also zombie or the weird combination of both of them: "zombiecorn"!xD Well, I adore music and films, expecially film! I'm Sara and i'm 22 years old! There's no way we have to be twins! Let's wait and see the "other stuff"!

    1. That's great Sara and welcome to this blog, a sort of weird universe :D I'm sure we will move there soon! I really need to update the blog, meanwhile you can follow my other blog is about music... I just realized that you are italian, me too! Siamo proprio gemelle allora! x

  2. Buona partenza Elle. Quando un blog apre sono contento, poi se il blog merita sono felice.

    Buon proseguimento di cammino, Matteo.

  3. Ricorda solo cosa diceva il filosofo benedetto Croce: "Fino ai 18 anni tutti scriviamo poesie. Dai 18 anni in poi solo due categorie di persone continuano a scrivere poesie: i poeti e i cretini".

    Buona navigazione, Matteo.

  4. ma cambia le parole questo spazio dedicato ai commenti.